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Monday, January 8, 2018

The Hollow tree of the great Ayurveda

Ayurveda, a great gift by our civilization, has been beaten hollow. What one sees in the markets and television ads, makes one feel that it is resurgent and thriving.

Unfortunately, in the very times of its dire need, it is fighting a battle for survival.

Ayurveda evolved when humans were one with nature, there were abundant forests, and herbs and medicinal plants grew commonplace.  Today, not only has the quantity of such herbs and medicinal plants reduced, we have even lost a huge chunk of bio-diversity. Even honey is now not produced by bees on natural flowers, but by Boxed non-native bees using fed liquids.

On the other hand, human population has exploded.

So how has Ayurveda got new feet.  There are companies and products everywhere, promoted by famous personalities. The products are complex preparations with more complex names. That perplexed me as in all my understanding,  Ayurveda was quite simple, made of simple yet very effective suggestions and a way of life. No one was telling about raw Giloy or turmeric, but almost an allopathic or western composition of extracts, juices and tablets.

There lies the secret. The simplicity of Ayurveda had been hijacked by complexity of marketing, product preparations, dilutions and names. What we have in hand is a nutracetical style model that suits everyone but doesn’t benefit the patients.  

The governments do not have an answer to escalating medical costs or to depleting sphere of our herbs and medicinal plants- the very base of Ayurveda.

We will have to make up now and change the consumption and link it to natural products, before it is too late.

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