• Total current capacity for free roaming cows across all food forests at various stages: 2000+
  • Plan to expand cows to 1000 in this phase, over next 1-3 years
  • Existing number of cows: 53
  • Already committed new cows under this plan: 30
  • For Investment purpose:
    • Investment per cow: Rs. 15000 (see details below in Financial Plan section)
    • Expected and minimum revenue to Cow owner per quarter: See below in Owner’s Cash flows per cow section
  • For Cow gifting purpose
    • Since we get local cows from villages, from outsiders, we only accept selected Gir or Sahiwal cows. These cost around 70000 (for Sahiwal), and about 90000 (for Gir), including transportation.
    • Housing facility, maintenance and ecology costs are not charged in case of Gifting. 

We are reversing the depressing outlook in Desi cow business, driven with help from our food forests work. In process, we keep non injected milk, free roaming cows, and enough grass for them. 

For revenue, we make A2 Ghee from half of milk, using traditional unheated Curd and Bilona or machine method (2 variants). The A2 Ghee is sold through local channels (Aranyaani Whatsapp), and through our Ecommerce website, across the country. 

The remaining half to quarter of the milk is left for calves, while they need it. 


This is an offshoot of larger Aranyaani Food forests development plan. Aranyaani  has established 20 Food forests where Cows can be readily integrated as ample food supply is available.

Consumption of Excess Biomass is a process that needs different types of Animals; hence Aranyaani  has experimented with Goats, Birds, Cows and Buffaloes, over last 12 years. This was done without commercial usage of products.

Aranyaani, along with its affiliated land owners can now host upto 3000 cows in a sustainable and FREE ROAMING manner. We have ponds and water sources and tree shades for temperature control.  And this number is increasing. 

Milk scarcity is increasing with decreasing forest cover. And that trend shall continue for foreseeable future. Hence contrary to the trend of Cows being less economical due to Old age and lower fat milk, in our case nature helps in reducing costs of cows and usage of cowdung also assisting food forests.



Investment Required

Note:We (or appointed organisation) shall facilitate the selection and transport of cows.

If one has a cow already, we can take it subject to inspection. In that case, the cow amount shall not be required.

Financials – 1st year and 2nd year

Financials – 3rd year and 4th  year

Owner’s Cash flows

Terms and Conditions:
  • We take only Sahiwal breed or Gir Only for this plan, due to the climate in our zones.  It will be free roaming, on natural feed, and without injections.
  • The local desi/ malwa breeds are taken from local villagers only for sharing of grazing areas within food forests. 
  • The Insurance procedure will require a local guardian of Cow. This is optional. 
  • Tenure for this Cow caretaking contract is 4 years.  Thereafter, the owner shall have the option to renew the contract.
  • ARANYAANI shall only limit itself to facilitating this contract. Our focus is only growing ecosystems, and facilitating sale of A2 Ghee through our channels. We have approved a local organisation 'Balaji Diary' who specialize in cow selection, handling and caretaking, in natural environments, to manage this work and contract. 
  • The Host location of the Cows shall be only in Approved farms by Aranyaani Natural Foods Pvt. Ltd.
  • At all times, the Cow and its offsprings (born after date of contract) shall belong to the Cow owner, unless transferred by the Cow Owner to someone else. 
  • All cash flow and financial projections are as per the assumptions given in the tables above. Force Majeure shall apply to all parties. 
  • Insurance shall be facilitated for animals. It is advisable as in case of all living properties.
For Owning a Cow, please contact : Whatsapp +91-9926537777 or 8805717509 , or